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DJ Tim

DJ Tim

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 252 lbs

From: New York, New York

Escorted by: Mr. Greeno

Title(s) Currently Held: none

DJ Tim is one of the most interesting, and entertaining personalities in the WCWF. He is always acting strange and pulling crazy stunts, and the fans love him for it. He even once wrestled as a priest, Father Paul Pounder. It was under this persona that he won the Atlantic Title which he now holds. DJ Tim's favorite moves include the snap senton and the hurricanrana. His finisher is The DJ Kick (a superkick). DJ Tim doesn't have any real enemies, although he has fought several matches against G.Y.M. His closest ally is his sock puppet Mr. Greeno. DJ Tim's idols and influences include Jeff and Matt Hardy and Billy Gun

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