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BiPolar Doug Douglas - "So Nice They Named Him Twice"

BiPolar Doug

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 258 lbs

From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Escorted by: His other pole

Title(s) Currently Held: -none-

BiPolar Doug is known for being deceptively nice, then snapping into his evil, violent pole when the bell rings. Although Doug's interviews are rather bizarre, and some of his ring antics are down right funny, he can still open a can of whoop ass. Doug's favorite moves include the "big punch", the groin stretch, the "high risk maneuver", and the "rookie mistake". His finisher is The BiPolarizer (a vicious neckbreaker). Doug also wrestled for one year in the CWL (Canadian Wrestling League). Doug's worst enemies are Q and himself. His closest ally is also himself. Doug's idols and influences include Crash Holly, Owen Hart and Lance Storm.

"Victory time is mine!!!" - BiPolar Doug

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