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Height: 5'8"

Weight: 205 lbs

From: Muscle Beach, California

Escorted by: no one

Title(s) Currently Held: -none-

G.Y.M made his WCWF debut as a special guest referee at Summer Slaughter 1999. He has been surrounded by controversy from the begining. Before he ever wrestled a match, he was given the WCWF Atlantic Title. Then, in the Heavyweight Championship match (Summer Slaughter 1999), he helped Smallpac to win the title. No doubt G.Y.M will continue to be an interesting figure in the WCWF. G.Y.M's favorite moves include the Bulldog, spear, and his patented Corkscrew Heel Kick. His finisher is The Calisthenic (an STF-like submission hold). His closest allies are The Alternative and Z Shark. His worst enemy is Q. G.Y.M's idols and influences include Matt and Jeff Hardy, The Road Dogg, and the Godfather.

"I am not a Gay Young Man!!" - G.Y.M

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