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John Orlando - "The Voice of the WCWF"

John Orlando

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 175 lbs

From: Columbus, Ohio

Escorted by: no one

Title(s) Currently Held: -none-

John Orlando is the voice of the WCWF. He does the play-by-play announcing accompanied by Arthur E. Embry III on color. Formerly a commentator for the GWA and RPWF, John Orlando joined the WCWF just prior to Chaos at Christmas 1999. He was a college hockey stand out and trained to be a wrestler until an injury ended his potential career. Still driven to be involved in the industry, he decided to become a commentator. His idols and influences include Joey Styles, Jim Ross & Gordon Solie.

"Today is a great day for wrestling!" - John Orlando

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