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Results from Chaos at Christmas

WCWF's winter Free-Per-View was Chaos at Christmas. The event, held at Parks Palace, proved to be the greatest ever!!.

The evening began with the new voice of the WCWF, John Orlando, accompanied by his broadcast colleague Arthur E. Embry III, welcoming everyone and running down a list of the scheduled matches. But their intro would be short lived as GQ (the team of Chris Genocide and Q accompanied by their lovely escorts, Gina and Quinn) soon interrupted them. Q began with a little story about a talk he had with Santa, and ended by saying that he had a present for G.Y.M that he would give him later in the night. Chris Genocide then introduced his new escort, Gina, and explained that GQ wants to bring style and class back to the WCWF. He also reminded everyone that he was still the commissioner and would be running the show.

WCWF Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match: G.Y.M (c) vs. Father Paul Pounder

The first match of the evening was for the WCWF Atlantic Heavyweight Title. G.Y.M defended the title against a new addition to the WCWF, Father Paul Pounder. Since all the WCWF officials were out of town for the holidays, BiPolar Doug Douglas was the special guest referee. The action went back and forth and before the match was two minutes under way, Q showed up with the afore-mentioned gift for G.Y.M. The match continued, and just as G.Y.M was beginning to get the upper hand, Q smashed him over the head with the "gift". This allowed Father Paul to get G.Y.M in the Crucifix submission hold. G.Y.M refused to give up and the Father dropped him. Paul then took the weakened G.Y.M around for the Stations of the Cross and got the win.

Winner, and new WCWF Atlantic Champion: Father Paul Pounder

Next was an interview with Smallpac. John Orlando barely finished his first question before Smallpac had the mic in his hand and was insulting Q, Chris Genocide, and the fans. He then called out BiPolar, who he would later defend the Heavyweight Title against. Smallpac seemed to try to reason with Douglas, reminding him that Quinn was the one who screwed him at Summer Slaughter. But Douglas would hear none of it, and reminded him that he, Smallpac, was the one who took advantage of him when he was blinded. Douglas then stated that he would win the title later that night. Smallpac told Douglas that he would "feel the disease!" and then told Arthur to hit his music. Arthur (accidentally?) hit BiPolar's music instead and an angered Smallpac proceeded to attack him.

Commissioner Chris was then introduced, and he said that he had an announcement. It seemed that The Irish Terrier was not at the arena to defend the Hardcore Title. He then gave The Terrier 10 seconds to show up. When The Terrier didn't show, Chris stated that the title would be vacated and that he would fight whoever wanted to challenge him for the Hardcore Title. Some strange music started playing and another new member of the WCWF made his way to the ring. He introduced himself as Special K and said that he wanted his guaranteed debut title shot against Chris Genocide for the Hardcore Title. Commissioner Chris (Genocide) said that he would get his match and that D.J. Tim would be the special guest referee.

WCWF Hardcore Title Match: Chris Genocide vs. Special K

This match was just AWESOME!! Chris Genocide got the advantage early. Momentum would turn however when Special K caught Genocide off guard and hit him with a Spicolli Driver. Then the first of many weapons would be introduced into the match as Gina attempted to hit Special K with a wet floor sign. This plan would backfire as K took the sign off of Gina and clobbered Genocide with it. The match would continue to go back and forth with both men hitting each other with everything that wasn't nailed down, including one of the Christmas trees from the set and one of the fan's signs! D.J. Tim proved to be a less-than-competent, but rather entertaining, referee, only attempting to make the three count after his ski goggles were securely in place. Eventually Special K brought a table in to the ring, which he would later be put through as Chris Genocide jumped off a ladder with an elbow that sent K crashing through the table to the mat. Genocide then, instead of going for the cover, tried to "prove a point" by helping K up and turning his back, giving Special K one free shot. K would capitalize on this opportunity by caning Genocide nearly to death! He would not be able to pin Genocide until he hit him with "Where's My Money, Bitch?" (a spinning back fist).

Winner, and new WCWF Hardcore Champion: Special K

After the ring was cleared of all debris from the Hardcore match, GQ came out again. Chris Genocide rambled incoherently about beating Special K at a later time (apparently he took a few too many shots to the head), and Q backed him up, saying that Genocide was the only one worthy of being the Hardcore Champion. G.Y.M's music hit and he came down to the ring and proceeded to tell Q what he thought of him. G.Y.M then stated that since Q had cost him his title, he wanted to challenge Q for his current belt. Q said he would love to defend the tag titles, but said he couldn't because Genocide had already fought the Hardcore match. Genocide then interrupted and said that he could indeed wrestle another match and, acting as commissioner, made the match official that GQ would defend the tag titles against G.Y.M and whoever he could find as a partner.

WCWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Smallpac(c) vs. BiPolar Doug Douglas

This was a tremendous Heavyweight Title match. Everyone was either happy or disgusted to learn that D.J. Tim would be the special referee for the Heavyweight Title match. Following his entrance, the combatants made their way to the ring (BiPolar was accompanied by his new escort Devon), and the action was under way. BiPolar got things started with the Rookie Mistake. The fans were clearly behind Douglas as the action went back and forth. Smallpac, even when laying on the mat and gasping for breath, continued to insult the fans. D.J. Tim's unorthodox refereeing methods quickly got on Smallpac's nerves. In fact, one could argue that both men could have won the match several times had there been a "real" referee. This match, however, was quite possibly Smallpac's greatest ever as he went all out, displaying wrestling skills many didn't know he had. But Smallpac just couldn't keep Douglas down. The war waged on until Smallpac got distracted by Devon's ringside "antics". This allowed Douglas to hit Smallpac with the BiPolarizer, and get the one, two, three.

Winner, and new WCWF World Heavyweight Champion: BiPolar Doug Douglas

But that wasn't all… "D.J. Tim" would remove his mask to reveal that it was Q all along! This infuriated Smallpac, and after Q took off, Smallpac and Douglas agreed to form an alliance against Q.

Next GQ came down to see if G.Y.M had found a tag team partner. G.Y.M came down and announced that he had presents for G and Q. His "present" for Chris Genocide was a section of the WCWF rules stating that a WCWF executive official can wrestle, but if he wins a championship, the executive must relinquish that title within 24 hours, or resign from his office with the WCWF. Since Genocide had won the tag titles at HELLoween, and did not relinquish his title, he was stripped of his authority as commissioner. G.Y.M then pointed to a large package at ringside and stated that it was a present for Q. The lights dimmed, some music played, and Z Shark emerged from the package as G.Y.M announced him as his tag partner. Shark explained that since Chris was no longer commissioner, he could wrestle again (Chris's first official action as commissioner was firing the Shark). A shocked and stunned GQ tried to get their focus together for the match.

WCWF World Tag Team Title Match: GQ(c) vs. G.Y.M and Z Shark

This would turn out to be possibly the best WCWF tag match ever! G.Y.M and Chris Genocide would start things off, but the beaten and battered Genocide would soon tag out to Q. Q and G.Y.M went at it for a while and Shark and Genocide would be tagged in at the same time. Z Shark wasted no time going straight to work on the injured ribs of Chris Genocide (his ribs were injured on his dive through the table and further complicated by the caning from Special K). It didn't take long for all hell to break loose and all 4 men were in the ring. Z Shark showed no ring rust and worked extremely well with G.Y.M to give the champs a run for their money. The match went on with everyone holding nothing back. After about fifteen minutes or so, Smallpac and BiPolar showed up at ringside. When Q noticed Smallpac, he taunted him by giving Shark The Epidemic. Smallpac entered the ring and hit Q with a baseball bat, and then clobbered Genocide when he came at him. The bell rang to signal the disqualification, and CHAOS ensued as the locker room cleared!

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