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Results from Never Say Die 2001

John Orlando and Arthur E. Embry III opened the show and welcomed the crowd. Embry informed everyone that he was the Nobel Peace Prize winner for wrestling commentating. Following a chant of ART! ART! ART! By the crowd, Orlando said he had bad news, and good news. He explained that BiPolar Doug Douglas and G.Y.M would not be there because they were in Japan, but the good news was that it was part of a talent exchange. He then announced the Tag Team Title match would be Smallpac and Z Shark defending against Japanese wrestlers Shosuke Suzuki and Super Cobra. Art then ran down the line up for the evening and the show was under way.

Special K came to the ring and announces that DJ Tim is not here to defend his Atlantic Title because, as Special K claimed, Tim was home nursing with his mother. He states that he will wrestle anyone in the back who wants to fight him for the title. (Remember, in the WCWF, if a champion does not show up to defend his title, he forfeits it, and the challenger will fight someone else for the title.)

Two men came down to the ring dressed in suits and carrying briefcases. One introduced himself as District Attorney Deadly, and explained that Commissioner Force could not be here tonight and he has been sent to act in his place. Deadly further explained that he had the full authority of the Commissioner and anything he says goes tonight. He stated that "As far as anyone here is concerned tonight, legally speaking, I am Commissioner Force." Deadly also introduced his bodyguard and associate The Sicilian Sniper. Deadly said the Sniper would hallenge Special K for the Atlantic Title. Special K and Deadly exchange words while the Sicilian Sniper sneaks up behind Special K and gives him a low blow. Deadly then applied the Legal Injunction (like Benoit's crippler crossface) on Special K and the match was started.

WCWF Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match: Special K vs. The Sicilian Sniper

The Sniper started off with the advantage courtesy of DA Deadly, but Special K got right back in to it. The match went out on to the floor for a short period with the Sniper having the upper hand. At one point, the Sniper used Deadly's leather belt to whip Special K, but referee Fast Frankie quickly got the belt away from Sniper and out of the ring. Next, DA Deadly informed John Orlando that he was so sure the Sniper would win that he was taking the Atlantic Title belt, and left. Special K would prove Deadly wrong by getting the pin less just shortly after Deadly left with the title. Special K was understandably upset that he had no belt after winning the match. He then went back stage in search of Deadly and his title.

WINNER (and new WCWF Atlantic Champion): Special K

At this time, John Orlando and Arthur Embry gave the audience a little background information on Shamu, and his violent feuds with Jamie Dundee. We then went to introductions for the Hardcore match.

WCWF Hardcore Title Match: Chris Genocide (c) vs. Shamu

Once again the Hardcore Title match proved to be a highlight of the show, to say the least. The newcomer, Shamu (a grand slam champion from XWA) gave Genocide as great a fight as he has ever had. With a 5 inch height and 100+ pound weight advantage, Shamu appeared as if he might be too much for Genocide to handle. The two fought all over the gym, using all kinds of weapons. Chairs, street signs, and miscellaneous electronics just to name a few. This match also contained some of the most brutality WCWF has ever witnessed. We saw Genocide stab Shamu repeatedly in the head with a screwdriver! We also saw the first use of barbed wire in a WCWF match as Shamu pulled it out from under the ring and tore Genocide's forehead open with it. Not to be shown up, Genocide later wrapped himself in the barbed wire and flying bodypressed Shamu from the ring apron out to the floor. Genocide took hardcore to new heights by using his patented drop-toe-hold into a chair on the floor… after covering it with thumbtacks!! Not long after this, Genocide got the win following a leg drop off the stage on to a chair and the face of Shamu.

Once again, DA Deadly stole the title belt from the announcers' table during the match. What he was doing nobody knew, but we would find out soon enough.

WINNER (and still WCWF Hardcore Champion): Chris Genocide

Next Smallpac came out and explained that Z Shark was not in the building. He proceeded to insult the crowd, and complain about Z Shark not showing up. He said he's got Tag Team Titles to defend and no partner to defend them with. Apparently, Z Shark and Smallpac are through as a tag team. Smallpac then called out anyone who could help him with his situation.

DA Deadly then came out, accompanied by the Sicilian Sniper who was carring both the Atlantic and Hardcore Titles. Deadly sympathized with Smallpac and said he had an offer for him. "How would you like a new tag partner?" Deadly asked. Smallpac said sure, he needs someone to defend the tag titles with, but who is going to do it? Deadly says "My man the Sicilian Sniper. Who better to have as a tag partner than the WCWF Atlantic AND Hardcore Champion?"

Outraged by what they have just heard, Genocide and Special K come out to attack DA Deadly but are stopped by Smallpac and Ianetti. The four men began fighting until DA Deadly issued a "cease and desist order". The men stopped fighting, although this may have been more out of shock at Deadly's words than out of respect for his authority. Then Q's music hit. Q came out wearing a neck brace and explained that he had injured it while performing certain acts on Smallpac's mother. Q got on the mic and commented on the situation. He asked Deadly "You said 'legally speaking' you are commissioner Force tonight, correct?" Deadly said yeah, that's right. Q said "In that case, RING THE BELL!" Chaos ensued in the ring, Genocide with Smallpac, Special K with Ianetti, and Q with Deadly.

WCWF Commissionership Match: Q vs. DA Deadly

Not much to this match really. Q beat up Deadly and quickly got the pin.

WINNER (and new WCWF Commissioner): Q

Q then announced himself as the new WCWF Commissioner. He then said he had some announcements to make as the new WCWF Commissioner. First he returned the Atlantic and Hardcore Titles to their rightful owners, Special K and Genocide, respectively. That only left the WCWF Heavyweight Title to be filled. Q said he saw four wrestlers, and four corners, so why not have a four corners match for the Heavyweight Title. (Point of interest, Smallpac can be seen talking with DA Deadly while Q is announcing the stipulations of the Heavyweight Title Match.)

WCWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Genocide vs. Smallpac vs. Special K vs. The Sicilian Sniper

The match began with a melee of all four competitors in the ring. Eventually, Genocide and Special K stepped out leaving Smallpac to face The Sicilian Sniper.This match truly was every man for himself, until the end that is. Blind tags and cheap shots were plentiful in this battle for the Heavyweight Title. Genocide, still banged up from his Haedcore Title defense saw the majority of the action, and did surprisingly weel considering the hell he went through with Shamu. All wrestlers seemed to step things up a notch in their fight for the ultimate prize. Eventually, Smallpac would find himself on the receiving end of the Death Contraption (Genocide's finisher). As Genocide was going to get Smallpac, the Sicilain Sniper came in and clobbered Genocide with his briefcase whle the ref was busy trying to keep Special K out of the ring. The Sniper then rolled Smallpac on top of Genocide and Smallpac got the victory.

WINNER (and new WCWF World Heavyweight Champion): Smallpac

As part of his victory celebration, Smallpac attacked Q who had been at ring side during the match. DA Deadly and the Sicilian Sniper joined in on the attack, but Genocide and Special K (joining forces!?!?!?) came to Q's aid as the show ended.

What will be Commissioner Q's next move? What crazy schemes will he hatch when booking the next Free-Per-View? Who will challenge Smallpac for the title? And was there any significance behind the teamwork between Genocide and Special K? Find out answers to all these questions plus a whole lot more when WCWF returns to Free-Per-View!

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