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Results from Summer Slaughter 2001

John Orlando and Arthur E. Embry III opened the show, welcoming the record-breaking crowd to the Logston Memorial Staduim. Embry stated that he just returned from accepting the award for Marlboro's Man of the Year. Ironically, Embry would suffer from a bad cough throughout the event. (Consequently, Arthur missed the last bout of the card due to this health problem).

Sure enough, DA Deadly, accompanied by the Sicilian Sniper, interrupted Orlando and Embry. Deadly explained that Commissioner Q had sent WCWF World champion, Smallpac, to a "meet and greet" at a K-Mart in Steubenville. Deadly further explained that Smallpac had been arrested on "trumped up" charges of urinating on the Dean Martin Memorial Mural. Deadly assured the fans that Smallpac would return to defend his title at the next Free-per-View.

DA Deadly continued his speech by running down the past events from Never Say Die. He mentioned how odd it was that Z Shark and Bipolar Doug Douglas were not there. Deadly went on to explain how Smallpac won the WCWF World title in the Four Corners Match against Special K, Chris Genocide and the Sniper. Deadly hinted at a possible conspiracy, that led Smallpac to capture the WCWF World title. Deadly asked, "What kind of man could carry out such a plan? No man could. It would take a Force!" Shockingly, Force made his way to the ring. Deadly explained that Force has received no respect from Commissioner Q, Bipolar Doug Douglas or the fans. But now, Force would find respect as a member of the Firm!

Master Marlow vs. Dr. Thunder

The first match of the evening showcased the talents of two of the newest additions to the WCFW. Dr. Thunder took on the flamboyant Master Marlow. Dr. Thunder started off fast with a series of chops that dropped Marlow to the mat. But Marlow battled back with a series of chops, followed by a massive head butt. Both competitors battled back and forth, until Marlow landed a Bionic Elbow that would've made Dusty Rhodes proud. After a big catapult, it appeared that Marlow had gained the victory. However, Dr. Thunder had his foot on the rope. To be fair, Senior Official "Fast" Frankie Romano re-started the match. Shortly, there after, Dr. Thunder received the belly-to-belly "Master"plex and was pinned.

Winner: Master Marlow

Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match - Special K (c) vs. The Sicilian Sniper

In a rematch from Never Say Die, Special K defended his Atlantic Title against the Sicilian Sniper. Neither man waited for the bell, as they tore into each other. The action went back and forth with neither man gaining an advantage. The tide turned when the Sniper unleashed several clubbing forearms in the corner. The Sniper even used his suit jacket to cover up Special K's head and pelt him with punches! With Special K lying near the ropes, DA Deadly got involved by jamming Special K in the ribs with his own cane. Just as Special K started to build momentum, out came a mysterious newcomer. This individual joined Orlando and Embry at the announce position. He stated his name was The Tsunami and began to insult Special K. With Special K distracted, the Sniper attacked him from behind, choking him with his tie. Special K retaliated and defeated the Sniper with the Special Treatment.

Winner, and still WCWF Atlantic Champion: Special K

Special K grabbed the mic and challenged The Tsunami to a match later on in the evening.

DA Deadly came to the ring, accompanied by a disheveled looking Sicilian Sniper. Deadly announced that The Tsunami had cost the Sniper the match. He went on to insult the Hardcore division and Chris Genocide. The Hardcore Champ heard enough and came to the ring (with a bucket of weapons). Chris rebutted Deadly's statements and then attacked him!

Hardcore Title Match - Chris Genocide (c) vs. DA Deadly

This impromptu bout started off with Genocide blasting Deadly with a series of punches. Surprisingly, Deadly responded by attacking Genocide with his own Singapore cane. Deadly then applied the Legal Injunction. Soon the fight went to the outside of the ring. There it became apparent that Genocide would have to fight two men, as the Sniper got involved. Genocide and the Sniper fought outside the ring, until Deadly came crashing down on Genocide from the ring apron. The match went from inside of the ring, to the outside, back to the inside of the ring on many occasions. Throughout the match it was clear that he fans wanted nothing more than to see Genocide destroy Deadly. Both men bashed each other with weapons from Genocide's "Bucket of Fun". Even our new referee, Ryan "Laser" Beam, wasn't safe from the carnage. A stunned Deadly took him down with a short right hand! Genocide even stole a fan's beer and smashed it into Deadly's face. As Genocide lined up to crush Deadly's skull with a steel chair, Deadly would inflict the most heinous attack ever in WCWF history. Deadly threw a fireball into Genocide's face!!! Badly hurt, Genocide collapsed to the ground, with Deadly covering him for the pin.

Winner, and NEW WCWF Hardcore Champion: DA Deadly

An badly burned Genocide was escorted to the back for medical treatment.

Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match #2 - Special K (c) vs. Tsunami

Special K hoped to avenge the earlier interference by The Tsunami in the match against the Sicilian Sniper. The Tsunami dominated the early going with several blistering punches and a jumping sidekick. Special K retaliated with his own punches and DDT. The Tsunami attempted to make Special K submit with the Figure Four Leg lock. Special K battled back and landed a solid elbow shot that drove The Tsunami from the ring apron. After a brief battle on the outside, both men hammered each other back in the squared circle. The Tsunami creamed Special K in the corner with the Tsunami Kick. However, Special K recovered and scored a victory with the Special Treatment.

Winner, and still WCWF Atlantic Champion: Special K

A visibly mangled DA Deadly returned to the ring (accompanied by the Sicilian Sniper). Deadly insulted the crowd and gloated about his victory over Chris Genocide. He stated that the Firm now had the Hardcore and WCWF World titles in their grasp. Deadly arrogantly displayed both titles to the crowd. As Deadly continued with his diatribe, a heavily bandaged Chris Genocide came through the crowd to attack Deadly and the Sniper in the ring! Genocide then stole the WCWF World title!

Summer Slaughter 2001 has no doubt had a great impact on the WCWF. Force aligning himself with The Firm, three new, and very talented wrestlers, and Chris Genocide stealing the WCWF Heavyweight Title, will send shockwaves throughout the federation for months to come. What consequences will these shockwaves have? Find out when the WCWF returns to Free-Per-View!

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