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Special K - "Inducing the 'Near Death Experience' since day one."

Special K

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 187 lbs

From: Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Escorted by: no one

Title(s) Currently Held: WCWF Atlantic Championship

Special K made his WCWF debut at Chaos at Christmas 1999. He showed up to challenge Chris Genocide for the recently vacated WCWF Hardcore Championship. Special K showed The King of Extreme just how extreme he too could be, and defeated him for the title. No doubt these two will have many more classic battles. Special K previously wrestled as Kenny the Demon in the GWA where he held the Transcontinental Championship. Special K's favorite moves include the DDT, the Full Nelson, Kidney Punches, and the "Half and Half", a submission hold he invented. His finisher is The Special Treatment (a Fame-asser). His worst enemies are The Sicilian Sniper and Tsunami. His only ally at this time, amazingly, is Chris Genocide. Their recently founded, mutual hatred for The Sniper has brought them together. Special K's idols and influences include ECW's Super Crazy, Joel Gertner, and old school WWF's Rick Rude.

"Shut your mouths while I show how a real man wrestles!" - Special K

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