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The "O-zone"

Well, it's time for another column! It's amazing how fast time goes. I've been busy with loads of work for the WCWF.

As I wrote last time, I now enjoy watching wrestling. The whole "invasion" angle, cooked up by the WWF, has made every RAW and Smackdown interesting.

Now with the return of both WCW and ECW to some sort of prominence, there still remains one fact that no wrestling fan can ignore. Who will be the next promotion to challenge the standard? Any intelligent wrestling fan knows that wrestling needs new blood and new ideas. Wrestling needs variety. Like in many other avenues of life, new ideas (and talent) keep things fresh, innovative and exciting.

Wrestling needs indy promotions to push the envelope and challenge conventional ideas. The 1990's were the era for the independent promotion. Those promotions helped to revolutionize the sport. Those same promotions helped to cultivate today's ideas and today's top stars. Think about it. If ECW hadn't started breaking tables, would the Dudleys have a gimmick? Without the USWA, we would not be blessed with the Rock.

If one takes a look at some of the current indy promotions, you can see a lot of potential. The NWA has a promising future. But can they unite all of their regional areas into one strong force? XPW could be a force by default. They are based in one of America's most populated states, California. XPW's "homegrown" talent is lousy. Their storylines and ideas are unoriginal. Can they sway intelligent wrestling fans to join their following? ECWA is another contender with a great roster of young talent. Their drawback is their limited area of operation. Do they have the means to expand? Can Hogan's "Universal Studios" (for lack of an official name) bring in the fans? I feel many may shy away from it, due to Hogan's influence.

Which brings me to the point of this column. Is it time for us, the WCWF, to make our jump? I believe that all things point to "yes". We've managed to return to Columbus television. We also have secured a few other outlets in other cities in Ohio.

With our return to television, our production staff made a major addition. Critically acclaimed producer, Adam Bauer, has joined our production team. I have worked with Adam on several occasions. We are lucky to have a man of his talent & resources aboard. Look for our future shows to solidify our spot in the industry.

Of course, within the past few months, the WCWF roster has added several new faces to our roster. Some of those new grapplers made their debuts at Summer Slaughter 2001. I could write on and on about how great these new additions are to the WCWF, but then, I wouldn't have a column for next month!

Since I'm talking about new wrestlers joining the WCWF, I'd like to kill a rumor that's been circulating around the WCWF. About a month & half ago, Chris Genocide was seen speaking with former ECW World champion, Steve Corino at an indy show. The rumor was that Chris was trying to recruit Mr. Corino. Chris told me that the rumor is false. Chris said that he was complementing Corino on his work. Not that the WCWF would mind to have Steve Corino on our roster. The "King of Old School" would be a perfect fit in the WCWF.

Our future looks bright. We have a lot of positive momentum. With our talent, desire, hard work & the support of our loyal fans, I can see many great days for some wrestling!

Who knows? Soon, maybe you'll see our rankings in the back of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

See you next time.

John Orlando

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