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Results from Summer Slaughter

WCWF's summer Free-Per-View was Summer Slaughter. The event, held at Parks Palace, had some interesting results.

The evening began with the newly appointed Commissioner Chris opening and welcoming everyone. This was followed by a Smallpac interview where, as promised, The Shark made a guest appearance... well sort of. Smallpac, while in the midst of expaining why he deserved a title shot, was interrupted by BiPolar Doug Douglas. Doug then proceeded to argue with Smallpac over who was the number one contender. Enter Q (escorted of course by the lovely Quinn). Now tempers really started to flare. Finally, Smallpac suggested the idea of a three-way-dance. This was agreed to by Doug and Q, but only after Doug added the stipulation that it be a double ladder match. Q then added his own stipulation, the belt, instead of being suspended above the ring, would be hanging over a pool of water (in honor of the Shark). After Smallpac and Doug left, a strange voice was heard fortelling... well it's hard to say exactly. The only thing clear about the cryptic message was that it was bad news for Q.

Next, we went to the ring where Commissioner Chris introduced the latest addition to the WCWF, G.Y.M. The commissioner then announced that he had established a new rule to create more of an opportunity for new wrestlers in the WCWF. The new rule, he stated, automatically granted a title shot to anyone making their debut. Since the Shark had been fired and thus the Atlantic title was vacant, the commissioner granted the championship to G.Y.M. The commissioner then announced that G.Y.M would be the special guest referee in the evenings main event. Now this is where things get kind of weird. A mysterious person made his way to the ring, caused Commissioner Chris to mysteriously pass out, and whispered something in G.Y.M's ear. G.Y.M's only reply was a hypnotic nod.

Next up was the Hardcore Championship match. The Irish Terrier defended his title against Slade Payne. Payne wasted no time in showing how hardcore he could be. Soon after the match started, Payne puled a chain out of his jacket. He hit the Terrier with the chain wrapped around his fist then proceeded to choke him with it. Other highlights of the match included Payne getting hammered in the back of the head with the steps, and the Terrier DDT-ing Payne on the steps and busting the challenger open. The Terrier defeated the bloodied Payne after hitting him with the belt, followed by several shots with the chain.

The final match of the evening was the three-way-dance for the WCWF Heavyweight Title. The special referee (G.Y.M) was introduced, the combatants made their way to pool side, the belt was hung, and the action was under way. Smallpac was the first to start things off, immediately going after Doug. It was obvious from the start that G.Y.M had no intentions of maintaining order as Q hit Doug with a chair and soon after Doug returned the favor by choking the champion with an electrical cord while G.Y.M casually looked the other way. Then the action went to the water and chaos insued. Q was the first to attempt to reach the belt but soon found out the smaller ladder was too short. Next, convinced he had a fool proof plan, was Doug. Doug attempted to leap from the edge of the pool and grab the belt, but missed by several feet. The action continued with all three men beating the living daylights out of each other. As the three tired, they focused less on maiming each other and more on the belt and ending the match. Things start to come together now. With Smallpac and Doug busy at the deep end of the pool, Q seems to have no opposition in climbing the ladder and retaining the belt. G.Y.M, however, would prove this theory wrong. Within inches of the belt, Q is grabbed from behind and pulled off the ladder by G.Y.M. With G.Y.M keeping Q busy, and Doug trying to rinse the powder out of his eyes (compliments of Quinn) Smallpac climbed the ladder and became the new WCWF Champion. The mysterious man from earlier appeared again and Q began pleading with him saying "You don't understand, I had to, I had no choice!" Smallpac and G.Y.M shook hands, signifying a new partnership, and ending what was a rather bizarre Free-Per-View.

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