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Results from HELLoween

WCWF's latest Free-Per-View was HELLoween. The event, held at Jimmy's House of Sin, saw the debut of some new talent, the return of the Tag-Team Championship, and a record breaking attendance!

The evening began with Commissioner Chris opening and welcoming everyone. Chris was promptly interrupted by Dr. Nightmare, who challenged Q. Q came down to the ring and explained how foolish Dr. Nightmare's actions were and gave Dr. N. a chance to leave. Nightmare refused and after a short scuffle was powerbombed and pinned. Q then expressed his disgust over the events that took place at Summer Slaughter. He challenged Smallpac to a rematch and asked Commissioner Chris to come out and officially enact the rematch clause. Chris did this and immediately Smallpac's music started. Smallpac came down to ringside and proceeded to insult Q, Chris, and the fans. Among his insults were references to Q and Chris's inability to wrestle. Chris then announced that there were no rules to prevent him from wrestling, while still being the commissioner. He challenged G.Y.M for the Atlantic Title and told Smallpac to take his best shot.

The first match was Dr. Nightmare against another newcomer, The Alternative. This was a great match showcasing two new talents with a lot of potential. The Alternative was victorious, scoring the pin fall after a Samoian Backdrop.

Next was the match for the Atlantic Title. As mentioned before, G.Y.M defended the belt against "The King of Extreme", Chris G. Chris started right away, attacking G.Y.M while he was showing off his title to the crowd. The match was fairly fast paced and had the potential to be a great one, but Smallpac interfered. Right after a a suplex by Chris G., Smallpac blindsided the challenger with a steel chair. G.Y.M was disqualified, but still retained his title, and Smallpac made good on a threat and repaid an old debt.

Now it was time for the Heavyweight Championship match. Obviously, Smallpac was defending the title against Q. Smallpac started out strong, but Q countered with a DDT. The battle continued back and forth untill... the police showed up claiming we were holding an illegal event! Once this was resolved, the match continued. For the next several minutes, Q was in control. Then after Q got a two and a half count on Smallpac, G.Y.M came to Smallpac's rescue, and hit Q with a chair. Chris G. immediately came out and the stage was set for the impromptu main event. Chris G., acting as the commissioner, decided to re-instate the Tag Belts and said that he and Q would wrestle Smallpac and G.Y.M. The winners would become the new WCWF Tag Team Champions.

Chris G. started off against G.Y.M to begin the match. This match was an all out war! All four men pulled out all the stops. One incredible move after another, after another. The action was too intense and too fast to even begin to give a blow by blow description. Near the end of the match, after the ref had lost all control and all 4 men had been in the ring for quite some time, Q and G.Y.M spilled out of the ring. This left a bruised and battered Smallpac one on one against an exhausted and equally beaten Chris G. Smallpac was picked up by his hair and wipped into the corner. He came staggering out only to be met by Chris G. with a flying spin kick. Chris G. then got the three count and chaos ensued. G.Y.M and Smallpac were arguing and blaming eachother for the loss which made it easy for Q and Chris G to clear the ring and begin celebrating.

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