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Results from Crossing the Line 2000

WCWF's summer Free-Per-View was Crossing the Line. The event, held at the Giusto Wrestleplex, was as good as if not better than Chaos at Christmas '99. The much-anticipated Free-Per-View was also probably the most bizarre ever. The afternoon began with the voice of the WCWF, John Orlando, accompanied by the newest addition to the WCWF crew, color commentator Jason Lauterdale, welcoming everyone. Jason was there to take the place of Arthur who we would later find out was at the Playboy Mansion accepting an award for Wrestling Commentator of the Year as voted by the readers of Playboy. The crowd was also introduced to the WCWF's new full-time referee, "Fast" Frankie Romano, and the card was under way.

WCWF Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match: DJ Tim (c) vs. G.Y.M

The first match of the evening was for the WCWF Atlantic Heavyweight Title. This was actually a rematch from Chaos at Christmas '99. The eccentric and always entertaining DJ Tim decidedů or maybe was confusedů or who knows, but for whatever reason defended the title as DJ Tim instead of as Father Paul Pounder. The match was relatively short, but very intense. DJ Tim was able to get the victory with the Super-Kick.

Winner, and still/new? WCWF Atlantic Champion: DJ Tim

After the match, G.Y.M explained he really didn't care about the Atlantic Title. He named himself the new commissioner claiming that he was the natural choice for the position since it was he who had the position taken away from Chris Genocide at Chaos at Christmas '99. G.Y.M then said anyone in the locker room who had a problem with it could settle it right now in the ring. Strange music began to play and out came a man in a black trench coat and a gas mask. We would later learn that he called himself Force. He accepted G.Y.M's challenge and the match started.

WCWF Commissionership Match: G.Y.M vs. Force

This match was dominated by the mysterious Force. The element of surprise was clearly an advantage for Force as G.Y.M was totally caught off guard. Force seemed to just absorb everything G.Y.M could throw at him. Following an impressive back elbow, leg sweep takedown, Force was able to get the win.

Winner, and new WCWF Commissioner: Force

Next we were joined by Smallpac who claimed that there was a rumor going around backstage that he had lost his rematch opportunity against BiPolar Doug Douglas. The outraged Smallpac called out the newly crowned commissioner to find out what was going on. Force came out and explained that his first official action as commissioner was to take away Smallpac's shot at the WCWF Heavyweight title. Force further explained that Smallpac would get another title shot, for the Tag Team Title against GQ. Force said that he would provide Smallpac with a partner. This news seemed to satisfy Smallpac.

WCWF Hardcore Title Match: Special K (c) vs. Chris Genocide

Once again these two took WCWF Hardcore to new heights. This match was even more brutal than their last as both men would end up busted open, Genocide after having a guitar shattered over his head, and Special K after a brutal shot with a Singapore cane. Despite the brutality of the match, however, the first several minutes actually resembled a wrestling match as both men displayed wrestling skills many didn't know they had. Once Genocide was busted open, he went backstage and brought out a small dumpster full of weapons which the two proceeded to use to nearly kill each other. Later, Special K would Spicolli Driver Genocide through a table at which point Q came out and pleaded with John Orlando to have the match stopped so Genocide could defend the Tag Belts with Q later. Despite Q's protest the match went on until Genocide built what John Orlando dubbed a "Contraption of Death" (consisting of two chairs supporting a vertical piece of paneling) and catapulted Special K into and through it. This allowed Genocide to get the victory.

Winner, and new WCWF Hardcore Champion: Chris Genocide

Next, Smallpac came down to the ring for his promised Tag Team Title Match. Q came out and apologized stating that Genocide was too injured to wrestle and that there would be no Tag Team Title match tonight. Then Force appeared through the crowd, and told Q that he would defend the belts. Force then introduced Smallpac's tag partner, Z Shark! Q, now protesting even more, refuses to wrestle until Force throws him into the ring where Smallpac and Z Shark double-team him. Genocide then came down with his head bandaged, and the match was officially started.

WCWF World Tag Team Title Match: GQ(c) vs. Smallpac and Z Shark

Smallpac and Z Shark's history showed as they proved to be a volatile team. Although they did work well together on a couple rare occasions, they were usually making blind tags and fighting amongst each other to get a shot at GQ. Despite the lack of teamwork, Genocide's injuries from the Hardcore match were too severe, and Smallpac would get the pin following The Epidemic.

Winner, and new WCWF Tag Team Champions: Smallpac and Z Shark

Then it was time for a WCWF original, the Sumo-Battle-Royal. As the name implies, this is a Battle Royal style match, but the opponent need only be thrown out of the ring (as in Sumo Wrestling), not necessarily over the top rope, to be eliminated. Four men are in the ring at a time, and a new person enters as someone is eliminated. This would determine the number one contender who would face BiPolar Doug Douglas at Summer Slaughter 2000 for the WCWF Heavyweight Title.

WCWF Sumo-Battle-Royal: DJ Tim, G.Y.M, Special K, Smallpac, Chris Genocide, Q, and Z Shark

DJ Tim came out first and sat in a corner of the ring and meditated. G.Y.M and Special K were next and began fighting unlit they realized DJ Tim was just sitting there, so they both attacked him. Smallpac was the next to come down and the first ever Sumo-Battle-Royal was started. Smallpac was the first to go, eliminated by teamwork from the other three. His replacement was Chris Genocide who slowly made his way down to the ring. Seeing Special K hanging on as Tim and G.Y.M were trying to eliminate him, Genocide pulled Special K out from the outside and the two proceeded to fight out on the floor. Special K's replacement was Q, who was attacked by Smallpac on his way out. Q sat down at the announcers' table instead of getting in the ring. DJ Tim was eliminated and Z Shark came out to replace him, and attacked Q at the announcers' table on his way to the ring. This left Genocide against G.Y.M and Z Shark, the two he and Q had beat at Chaos at Christmas '99. Q, upset at Genocide for costing them the Tag Team Titles, left Genocide to be double-teamed. Genocide was easily beaten and tossed out of the ring by G.Y.M and Z Shark. But as G.Y.M and Z Shark turned to call Q into the ring, Genocide pulled Z Shark out of the ring from behind. This left a one-on-one situation for Q to face G.Y.M. Q finally gets in the ring and soon shows everyone, he has no clue what's going on. He tries to pin G.Y.M, and complains that the ref is unfair. Later he actually makes G.Y.M tap out with a Boston Crab, but it doesn't matter. He starts complaining to John Orlando who explains to Q that he must throw G.Y.M out of the ring to win. Finally, following a reverse DDT, the man who had no idea what was going on, managed to eliminate G.Y.M and win the shot at the WCWF World Heavyweight Title.

Winner, and #1 contender for the WCWF World Heavyweight Championship: Q

At this point, BiPolar came out and said he didn't want to wait for Summer Slaughter, he wanted to fight Q tonight!

WCWF World Heavyweight Title Match: BiPolar Doug Douglas (c) vs. Q

As usual, BiPolar got things started with the Rookie Mistake. The match went back and forth as nearly everyone ran in and interfered in the match at one point or another. First Smallpac came out, then G.Y.M, then DJ Tim, and Z Shark. Some guys attacked one or the other and some attacked both. Then Chris Genocide came down with his Singapore cane. Waiting at ringside, he picked his opportunity and came into the ring and looked as if he were going to hit Q. Suddenly, Genocide changed directions and instead hit the unsuspecting BiPolar Doug Douglas. Q and Genocide stare at each other as Genocide exits, and Q hits BiPolar with The Infinite End. Referee Frankie Romano counts the three, but Douglas's foot was on the rope. Commissioner Force comes out and the two begin pleading their case with him. Confusion ensues and Q and BiPolar begin attacking Commissioner Force. Force fights his way back and then announces that as punishment for attacking him, the Heavyweight Title would be vacated.

What will happen to the WCWF World Heavyweight Title? Find out at Summer Slaughter 2000!

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